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Franklin Loan Center Palm Desert CA

Franklin Loan Center 

Franklin Loan Center has been servicing Southern California since 1989.  We have grown from a small, local mortgage banker into a thriving regional enterprise across Southern California. Expanding into the Los Angeles and San Diego, Franklin now provides clients with the means to purchase the homes they have always wanted spanning a large part of the state, while growing the heart of the business here in the Coachella Valley as a strong local employer.

Franklin Loan Center provides a premiere lending experience to clients. All processing, underwriting, docs and funding functions are handled on site by an expert team that follows the loan from application to close—unlike other organizations that ‘farm out’ the loan functions to separate divisions or companies. Mortgages are processed in our state of the art system, and available to clients online to handle document submission and tracking for their convenience. Franklin offers a wide variety of tailored products to the borrower, from conventional and FHA loans to more specialty portfolio products for more complex transactions.  This integrated product/team/system approach allows us to speed the process along and pay special attention to detail for each of our clients and gives them the flexibility to work with their Loan Officer anytime, anywhere.

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